The story

She keeps running away, heading to the heart of Jungle, getting past and jumping over plenty of barriers, logs, trees, and bushes. She then goes on to run into the ruins of an ancient temple, where she overlooks the vicious soldiers taking the treasure left from the indigenous ancestors inside the temple to smuggle them out to the US. She later out sees a variety of crimes including setting fire to the woods and slaughtering the innocent.

As she takes the way ahead, she comes across an already flatted village with its residents dead. In the village, she spots a little boy. As she runs to the boy, a helicopter hovers over the village. She hands the camera to the boy, asking him to show her the way but right after she gives the camera, gets shot dead.

The commander, who killed her husband, gets out of the helicopter to her body, rummaging around for the camera but the boy, has been long gone. The last scene is now from bird's-eye view of the village, looking over the dead bodies scattered around with the cottages burnt from bottom up.